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Why Interoperability Matters to Behavioral Health?

Why Interoperability Matters to Behavioral Health?
Why Interoperability Matters to Behavioral Health?

>> Why Interoperability Matters to Behavioral Health?

Data interoperability and healthcare IT is growing in popularity in many healthcare sectors. Although it has become common in public and private healthcare providers, behavioral services are an area where it is notably lacking. Interoperability matters to behavioral health as it better manages the sector's data exchange and information services.

What is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral healthcare is the discipline of healthcare services, including mental health, family and marriage counseling, treating addictions, and psychiatry. In short, it emphasizes providing well-being to the mind, body, and soul. According to US Healthcare statistics, seven out of ten people who visit healthcare professionals do so to address behavioral health problems. This branch of healthcare is essential in creating a sound society and ensuring the quality of life for everyone.

Growing Importance of Behavioral Health Industry

As behavioral science is growing as an industry, its importance in society continues to grow. Behavioral healthcare is highly concerned with R&D hence the input from different researchers and institutes is always being shared. Behavioral illnesses cost the US economy 4% of its GDP every year. An advanced behavioral health sector can help reduce these costs by creating healthy individuals.

Current Issues In Behavioral Healthcare Practices

The behavioral healthcare sector faces some issues that require attention. Although the sector is fully functioning and produces significant scientific research, there are ways to make it more efficient. Some issues are as follows:

  • Improper healthcare data management and healthcare information management hinder a healthcare professional’s judgment.

  • Medical health records and histories of treatments are often scattered without being compiled in a proper place.

  • Often, those paying for a patient’s treatment are not in the loop on developments or progress of the case.

  • For research and development, sharing information between research institutions and professionals is not interoperable.

Interoperability In Behavioral Health Sector

Interoperability matters to behavioral health because it can help address the issues mentioned earlier while introducing new ways to better healthcare practices. Some innovations that interoperability introduces to behavioral health care:

Better Analytics for Behavioral Health Research

Interoperability provides platforms for better data management that can be linked to various analytical tools for behavioral health research. This can help generate better analytics and even further the research by making it accessible to other researchers. Healthcare IT also plays an important role in this aspect.

Ease of Data Sharing Amongst Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers need to exchange data amongst themselves. This holds true to behavioral sciences as well. In many cases, patients seek services for different behavioral issues from different behavioral healthcare professionals. However, sometimes treatments overlap, and providers need to exchange information between themselves.

Keeping Patients, Providers, and Payers in the Loop

In some cases, the patients receiving behavioral health services are not those who pay for them. Payers are often kept out of the loop and not informed of any updates on fees, medical coverage, or costs. Interoperability in behavioral health helps bring patients, providers, and payers into the loop.

Building A Comprehensive Behavioral Health Record

Interoperability helps build a comprehensive behavioral health record. This is true not only for patients that avail services from different providers but also for entire populations. Interoperability standards in behavioral health help make databases and records of medical information for populations based on the scope of the study.

The Main Takeaway

Interoperability is paying the way for new developments in the behavioral healthcare sector. With proper data management and more research and development, the annual costs for behavioral issues will go down. A proactive, healthy, and whole society can be created through behavioral health.


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