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The Need For Interoperability In International Communities

The Need For Interoperability In International Communities
The Need For Interoperability In International Communities

>> The Need For Interoperability In International Communities

Interoperability is the ability of various healthcare systems to exchange information and data amongst each other through fast and efficient channels. It is a form of healthcare IT essential to healthcare policies in many developed and developing countries.

Although interoperability has the potential to revolutionize a country’s healthcare system, it can also be used for international communities and global health problems.

The Scope Of Global Health Interoperability

There is a lot of scope for healthcare interoperability on a global front. It can easily be used to update patient medical records when they get the medical treatment done in foreign countries. It can also be used to provide better medical coverage and insurance during travels and stays. There are many instances when health problems become a global concern.

One of the most prominent examples is COVID-19 which took the world by storm. Interoperability in international communities can first be extended to states closest to each other, regions, and finally, the world.

How Can Interoperability Be Used In International Communities?

As discussed earlier, interoperability has a lot of scope for global health and international communities. Some of how interoperability can be used in international communities are as follows:

1. Advancing Research and Development

Interoperability is essential for advancing regional and international research and development on various health and medical-related issues. Scientists and health practitioners from different parts of the world can communicate and exchange data and information when needed. It also helps scientists get data from various countries to incorporate into their research.

2. Creating Global Health Policies and Laws

Having better interoperable standards in international communities helps put forth the notion of better global health policies. Different healthcare companies, health departments of countries, and international organizations can come together to promote better healthcare for all and good medical policies. There can be internationally agreed-upon healthcare laws and standards to reduce disparities between the global north and south.

3. International Healthcare Facilities

Many international healthcare facilities can be created and promoted to help people traveling in another country or any similar situation. These facilities would have better communication and exchange of medical data, which can be updated. Any medical procedures a person has done during a vacation or stay in another country can be updated and recorded into their medical file back home.

4. Easy To Share Medical Records

It is difficult for healthcare practitioners to share medical data and records across state lines in many cases. Extending that to a global level requires good communication channels and standardized data. Through interoperability, medical data can be standardized in a format that can be read anywhere worldwide. This would make medical records easy to share without worrying about conversions or compatibilities between recipients and senders.

5. Combatting Global Pandemics and Diseases

Interoperability in international communities is perfect for building emergency response systems and combatting global pandemics and diseases. Once many countries adopt interoperability, any future pandemics similar to COVID-19 would be easier to deal with.

The Main Takeaway

Overall, interoperability is helpful for international communities. It can be used in proper healthcare systems, research and development, and even relief for those in need. There should be an international framework that helps get as many countries as possible on board so that the efforts can extend to a global level.


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