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Senior Living Communities And How They Could Benefit From The Use Of Interoperability

Senior Living Communities And How They Could Benefit From The Use Of Interoperability
Senior Living Communities And How They Could Benefit From The Use Of Interoperability

>> Senior Living Communities And How They Could Benefit From The Use Of Interoperability

Senior living communities are one of the most critical areas where interoperability is required for better healthcare provision. Since interoperability has become mandatory for healthcare systems in many countries worldwide, senior living communities have also started noticing a change. Around 81% of senior communities in the U.S. believe they are updating and becoming more tech-savvy for better healthcare provision to senior residents.

Interoperability In Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities need interoperability because it helps them run more efficiently and can enable them to provide better care to elderly residents. Through interoperability, these communities can establish a network where referrals are easier. It could also help them compile medical health records of the residents in a standardized pattern. A study showed that increasing interoperability in senior care facilities reduced readmission rates and made referrals more successful than before.

What is Interoperability for Healthcare Businesses?

Senior living communities are a type of healthcare business. Many healthcare businesses do not have the technology or personnel to apply and update interoperability standards.

Although time-consuming, training staff to be more computer literate pays off in the long run for healthcare businesses. This helps with better data sharing and connectivity between senior patients and their relatives.

Benefits Of The Use Of Interoperability

There are many benefits to using interoperability in the senior living community sector. Many EHR providers and companies have started providing services to senior health facilities and living communities. Some of these benefits are:

1. Digitalization and Standardization of Data

Most senior living communities do not have digitized data. Lack of digitization makes it difficult for healthcare facilities to manage and update healthcare and patient records.

Data such as this must be readily available for healthcare providers to access, especially in the case of an emergency. It also provides methods through which different data types can be standardized for easier access.

2. Better Data Exchange and Communication

Data exchange and effective communication are crucial for senior healthcare facilities and living communities. Often these communities need to communicate with on-site and off-site medical experts, family members, and so many more people. In most cases, patient medical data is also exchanged.

Better communication and data exchange channels can be created to make the process faster through interoperability.

3. Efficient Management and Procurement

Management of staff, patients, and supplies is essential for any senior living community. Many things, including workload distribution, data entry, supply procurement, and reporting, are made digital through interoperability.

That means things will go faster, but there will also be less room for human error. It would also help reduce space taken up by paper file storage and help understand financial expenditure better.

4. Evolving Care Models

Care models all around the world are evolving. Senior living communities are no exception to this change. Virtual care and telehealth became essential parts of senior healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the healthcare systems continue to evolve, interoperability provides senior communities the chance to grow with them. In the long run, this enables the communities to provide better healthcare to their residents and understand their needs on a much more holistic level.

The Main Takeaway

If senior living communities want to provide the proper care that goes hand in hand with advancements in the health sector, interoperability should be a top priority.

Digitization and standardization of medical data are the future of healthcare. It’s best to get on board with the movement before they are left behind.


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