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Mirth Connect Interface Engine: Overview and Latest Release

Mirth Connect Interface Engine: Overview and Latest Release
Mirth Connect Interface Engine: Overview and Latest Release

>> Mirth Connect Interface Engine: Overview and Latest Release

Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare Premium is the next phase in healthcare interoperability optimization. This interface engine helps manage information in the healthcare system by sending bi-directional messages.

These messages can be of various types, and the interface helps accumulate information of different formats in one easily accessible place. It is an open-source tool that is used by developers everywhere. Constant updates are being made to the technology to improve interoperability and data management services.

Why Was Mirth Connect Created?

Nextgen Healthcare initially created Mirth to send, receive and interpret various HL7. Once the developers started the parse and router for Mirth, the product went through an open-source program release that developers could access anywhere.

It is now used as middleware for information and data exchange between various healthcare information systems. Mirth filters transform and route the data for better data sharing according to the user-defined rules. It is capable of interoperability with EMR, is highly flexible, and is capable of cross-platform functionality.

The Characteristics of Mirth Connect

Many characteristics make Mirth Connect desirable for various healthcare information systems for interoperability and better data sharing. Some of these characteristics are as follows:

Open Source Platform

Mirth is an open-source platform that has depended on international health data exchange standards in its integration engine. Developers can work on and access the platform from anywhere on the earth.

Interoperability at Cost-Effective Rates

Interoperability doesn't have to be at a high cost. Mirth offers various pricing tiers so that organizations and healthcare systems can pick the package that gives them the features they need at the price that works for them.

Access To Enterprise Level Tools

Along with various advantages and services, Mirth also offers access to enterprise-level tools. It provides multiple plugins, alerts, and extensions. You can customize the interface's environment to your liking, making the experience better for most users.

Easy To Implement and Update

Mirth offers healthcare systems to grow their interoperability practices at their own pace. The interface always has new standards, capabilities, and features that users can implement when they wish. That makes healthcare systems comply with government demands more efficiently.

24/7 Expert Help On Hand

Another characteristic of Mirth Connect is that it offers expert help to users when they need it. They help keep your data exchange channels open and provide you with the coverage you need. Experts also help troubleshoot any users' issues with updates or interface work.

Using Mirth Connect With Extensions

Apart from its main characteristics, the experience of using Mirth Connect heightens when coupled with its various extensions. These extensions provide added benefits to the interface engine. Some of these are:

Advanced Alerting

Advance alerting helps set different messages for different users for escalation, de-escalation, and scheduling of data transfers. It provides you statistics of all alerts and logs, making it easier to keep track of things.

Channel History

This helps send the user configuration messages for all the channels that they are operating. Users can make changes to channels, see and compare these changes. It also helps them revert to a previous channel setting later on.

Reading Emails

This attachment helps add reading emails to Mirth's data information sharing aspects. You can add any POP3 or IMAP server and choose how your emails should be read. It can also help systems process images, attachments, and other information.

Message Generator

The message generator extension helps provide existing message templates with various segments of important information. The information in the generic templates can be replaced with specifics of the healthcare system and sent along the channel for quick correspondence.

User Controls

User control extension enables users to assign specific roles to their enterprise members for protecting sensitive channels. It can help give authorizations to access particular channels to particular people.

Final Takeaway

Overall, Mirth Control is the next step in healthcare interoperability and data exchange. As the updates and releases continue, the interface keeps bettering itself.


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