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Mirth Connect Interface: An Innovation for a Healthcare System

Mirth Connect Interface: An Innovation for a Healthcare System
Mirth Connect Interface: An Innovation for a Healthcare System


Mirth Connect Interface is the major “Web-Based” healthcare interoperability engine designed to integrate HL7 messages. Mirth Connect Interface allows you to create, test, implement and manage interfaces. Data can be stored wherever you need it, interfaces can be made quickly, and interfaces can be monitored and configured. You can easily collect your information and sends alerts and reminders to stay on track. (

Healthcare and Community Standards

Mirth Connect has a promising future. Mirth designers are constantly fine-tuning and improving the interoperability engine, and new healthcare organizations join the Mirth Connect Community daily. “Jacob and Gerald” envision a world in which every hospital system uses Mirth Connect, and with users in more than 80 countries, that day is not far away. Nick compares Mirth Connect to Linux in that it can be deployed on anything from smartwatches and Raspberry Pi units to enterprise software.

Healthcare Interface Engines, also known as healthcare integration engines, address data sharing and exchange between application areas. In healthcare, data interchange is a significant issue. Mirth is middleware that links health information systems so that clinical and administrative data can be exchanged.

Mirth is a “versatile” health IT infrastructure component that can play a variety of roles. It can serve as a central integration exchange for a hospital, an information entry point for a clinic or reference lab, and a local health integration network system. (


The international health information technology community has embraced the combination of advanced sources and a standards-based approach to healthcare interoperability. Mirth is welcomed by healthcare executives since it is an interface to commercial tools, speeds up interface development, and is professionally supported. Thus, Mirth has been adopted by many hospitals, clinics, information exchanges, integrators, and application developers.

DevScripts Solutions has Mirth connect resources and experts to help you with your mirth connect consultant needs.


DevScripts Solutions is an IT Consultant Firm Specializing in Interoperability within the Healthcare Arena.

We are a small team solving big interoperability challenges on a daily basis. With our vast knowledge of interoperability we can integrate ourselves as part of your organization just like we are part of your full-time team.

We develop a variety of custom interfaces for healthcare organizations such as Healthcare Vendors, HIEs, Health Systems, Hospitals, Medical Practices, Payors and ACOs using Mirth Connect.

We work with businesses in California, Georgia, New York, Florida, Texas and throughout the wider United States.

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Our team is ready to help you with your integrations needs leveraging our expertise with Mirth Connect tool sets.

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