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Keep Up Your Interoperability Efforts With The I3 Integration Monitor Solution

Keep Up Your Interoperability Efforts With The I3 Integration Monitor Solution
Keep Up Your Interoperability Efforts With The I3 Integration Monitor Solution

>> Keep Up Your Interoperability Efforts With The I3 Integration Monitor Solution

Integration has been at the forefront of our efforts at DevScript Solutions. Our new product, the I3 integration monitor solution, helps you look over communications between different systems while gaining insight into the integration server and the integration engine environments. Let’s discuss why our new product will be perfect for you and how you can make the most of it.

What We Do

At DevScript Solutions, we help businesses and systems solve their interoperability issues. Regardless of whether the problem is big or small, our team is always prepared to find the best solution for our clients. As a company, it is our goal to ensure that the solutions we provide help move Healthcare Interoperability forward.

I3 Integration Monitor Solution

The I3 integration monitor solution is our newest product that provides insight into the integration server and the integration engine environments. It helps you keep an eye on your interoperability efforts and provides you with expert help when you need it.

This solution helps provide you with many benefits such as on-time alerting, in-depth analysis, and critical insights on the mission. With the help of these features, you can make sure that your integration environment is running smoothly and securely.

Compatibility With Interfaces

You probably wonder what kind of interfaces the I3 integration works best with. One of the best things about our new solution is that it works with any interface application in the healthcare interoperability industry. Examples of such applications are Mirth, HL7, etc.

Key Features

Although our integration monitor solution offers you everything you would need to run integration with other interfaces smoothly, it has some key features that set it apart. These features are:

1. Alerting

If you’re looking for an integration monitor solution, you’d know the pain of manually checking your integration environment now and then. With the I3 Integration Monitor, you will receive updates via server resources alters and interface message alerts, so you’re always aware of what's going on. The main alerts you would receive are resource thresholds, message errors, high message queues, and service-down alerts.

2. Always-On Monitoring

Most clients look for a monitoring solution that grows along with their businesses. With the I3 Integration Monitor, any new interfaces or channels added will automatically be monitored for errors, messages and queues once it becomes operational. This means that as your businesses grow, your monitoring will as well. Since our solution picks them up automatically, you will not need to manually update or include new channels.

3. User Dashboard Access

Having a dashboard with all your priorities sorted out is essential for proper integration monitoring. Our solution helps provide a dashboard where all your servers can be found, and you can create specialized charts with your data. You can also give access to specific components to the people who require them while shielding them from the rest of your team or employees. This function helps maintain the security of your projects and interfaces as needed.

4. Environment Statistics

If you are someone who keeps an eye on how server resources are doing, the environmental statistics feature will allow you a view of this from the dashboard. It also includes how interface message processing is going.

5. Custom Alerting

Every business or system has different priorities that they need to sort out. We understand that alert fatigue can be real and may hinder your productivity. To ensure you only get results for the things necessary to your business, the I3 Integration Monitor lets you customize alerts. It shows only critical alerts while the rest are auto-corrected wherever possible.

6. Remote Monitoring

For people who are always on the go but still need to check up on their integration environment from time to time, the remote monitoring feature allows you to access your dashboard via a URL link. This gives you the freedom to be wherever you need while remotely managing and monitoring your integration environment. It also saves people the effort of downloading and installing applications just to tend to work.

The Main Takeaway

Coming to a conclusion, we suggest that anyone looking to monitor their interface environment, regardless of the integration engine, can benefit from the I3 Integration Monitor. Not only will they have unique features to make their work more manageable, but it will help them further their effort towards interoperability.


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We are a small team solving big interoperability challenges on a daily basis. With our vast knowledge of interoperability we can integrate ourselves as part of your organization just like we are part of your full-time team. We develop a variety of custom interfaces for healthcare organizations such as Healthcare Vendors, HIEs, Health Systems, Hospitals, Medical Practices, Payors and ACOs using Mirth Connect.

We work with businesses in California, Georgia, New York, Florida, Texas and throughout the wider United States.

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