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Interoperability: Definition and Why It Matters to Independent Pediatricians

Interoperability: Definition and Why It Matters to Independent Pediatricians
Interoperability: Definition and Why It Matters to Independent Pediatricians

Interoperability: Definition and Why It Matters to Independent Pediatricians

The degree to which systems and devices can exchange and interpret data is referred to as interoperability. Through this, two systems must share data and then show the data so that a user would understand. In the healthcare industry, interoperability relates to different information technology systems and software to communicate with each other.

Defining Interoperability

Interoperability is the ability of different information technology systems and software programs to communicate, share data correctly, effectively accurately, and use that data in the most beneficial means. Thus, interoperability is at the heart of health IT’s promised. It is critical to the progress of electronic health records. “A doctor using a tablet is not e-health,” according to Brailer; A specialist using a computer who can communicate directly with others when required is the true promise of e-health.

How are EHR vendors interoperable today?

When choosing an EHR provider, make sure you get all of the features you need, including those that depend on interoperability. With a vendor like PCC, there are four major medical areas where interoperability is apparent:

  • Immunizations

  • Direct Secure Messaging

  • eLabs

  • eRx

Benefits of Interoperability

Interoperability allows for more effective data access. Information can be retrieved digitally and in real-time, saving time and money. Interoperability allows patients' medical records to move with them as they pass around, resulting in easier care transitions.

Interoperability leads to improved patient results because you have more time to plan for the appointment and have better care if you collect data quickly and efficiently. Interoperability saves money; for example, when you can link to a patient's immunization records in a registry, you can stop over-vaccinating or providing repeat vaccinations.

The Future of Healthcare: Interoperability

"Interoperability is the way things are going to be in the future. The amount of data exchanged with various agencies will only increase in the future. It encompasses immunization registries, HIEs, and eLabs, among other things. everyone wants and needs data, so it must flow out and back. Interoperability is becoming increasingly important. It's how things will be done in the future."


DevScripts Solutions is an IT Consultant Firm Specializing in Interoperability within the Healthcare Arena.

We are a small team solving big interoperability challenges on a daily basis. With our vast knowledge of interoperability we can integrate ourselves as part of your organization just like we are part of your full-time team. We develop a variety of custom interfaces for healthcare organizations such as Healthcare Vendors, HIEs, Health Systems, Hospitals, Medical Practices, Payors and ACOs using Mirth Connect.

We work with businesses in California, Georgia, New York, Florida, Texas and throughout the wider United States.

For more information on our services or to arrange a consultation call please contact us today.

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