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Healthcare Leaders in the Minority Communities

Healthcare Leaders in the Minority Communities
Healthcare Leaders in the Minority Communities

>> Healthcare Leaders in the Minority Communities

Representation in the healthcare community matters, especially to individuals of minority communities. The involvement of different communities in the medical decision-making process helps healthcare systems make better policies and practices. In the recent decade, many minority healthcare leaders have emerged with ideas and innovations that change the landscape of healthcare systems.

What are Healthcare Leaders?

Healthcare leaders are the shapers of decision-making in the United States and worldwide healthcare sector. They are in charge of leading teams, institutions, and organizations in a dynamic environment that is often difficult to navigate. They are also in charge of the business and recruitment side. Without healthcare leaders, the healthcare industry would not be evolving and prospering at the rate we see today.

Why Does Having Minority Healthcare Leaders Matter?

It’s important to have minority healthcare leaders as it makes medical practice fairer to people of color and different ethnicities. Minority leaders often bring an inclusive change with them that has far-reaching impacts on medical research and development.

Is There a Disparity Between Majority and Minority Healthcare Leaders?

Yes, to quite an extent, there is a disparity between majority and minority healthcare leaders. Leaders from minority communities are still relatively new to being prominent figures and pale than those from majority communities. However, with growing efforts towards inclusivity and promoting diversity, their participation in decision-making is increasing.

Top 5 Minority Healthcare Leaders in 2022

Although many healthcare leaders from minority communities have been in the spotlight for quite some time. However, here are our top five picks that we have great expectations from in the year 2022:

Jacqueline Nwando Olayiwola

At the top of our list is Dr. Jacqueline Nwando Olayiwola from Humana, Inc. She is the chief equity officer and the company's senior vice president. She put forward and co-designed one of the largest platforms in the US to fight racism in the medical system. In 2021, she was awarded the Clotilde D. Bowen Women of Excellence Award from the Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Ahmed Haque

Next is Dr. Ahmed Haque, the head of Network performance and Strategy at Aledade. He previously worked with the U.S. Department of Health for efforts at interoperability in healthcare IT. He’s part of the Medicare Shared Savings Program, where he helped his company save 69$ million in 2018. We expect him to continue his contributions to the healthcare sector in the future as well.

Vivian Lee

Dr. Vivian Lee is the president of Health Platforms at Verily Life Sciences. She has been working towards expanding Verily’s footprint into healthcare and teamed with the FDA to make an irregular pulse monitor for Study Watch. She is working hard to promote value-driven transformation in the healthcare system to improve the lives of everyone.

George A. Diaz

With the Covid 19 pandemic still at large, Dr. George A. Diaz works at the frontlines of therapeutic trials. He is the person to have first treated ‘patient zero’ in the US and is working at Providence as an Infectious Disease Provider. He worked hard to help the US get ready for Covid 19 preparedness. Still, he also continues to help medical institutions find ways to tackle the new threats proposed by different variants.

Alicia Zhou

The last leader on our list is Dr. Alicia Zhou, the Chief Science Officer at Color. She is working to better vaccine and healthcare infrastructure in the US. Through her efforts, she has highlighted the importance of genetic information for public health in hopes of tackling the new variants of Covid 19 as they arise.

Although we mentioned only five prominent healthcare leaders from minority communities, there are many more out there whose efforts help make the healthcare system better for us all. We already see a positive change through increased participation in decision-making and leadership roles for minority communities and hope the future continues to help them prosper.


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