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Healthcare IT Consultants, Healthcare IT Consulting, Healthcare Interoperability. California, Georgia, New York, Florida, Texas

Healthcare IT Consultancy News

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Healthcare IT Consultants

Healthcare IT Consultants, Healthcare IT Consulting, Healthcare Interoperability. California, Georgia, New York, Florida, Texas
Healthcare IT Consultants

Healthcare IT Consultants and How They Can Help

Healthcare IT Consultants provide consulting services that can help Healthcare organizations supplement their needs for healthcare IT expertise and support for healthcare IT projects and implementations that are a part of their project roadmap. Most Healthcare IT strategy consultants provide the following services for an organization.

  • Supports new Healthcare IT programs and initiatives

  • Create and build and efficient IT roadmap

  • Create plan for application integration

  • Enhance IT service availability, reliability and application performance management

  • Ensures all is done with HIPAA compliance in mind

The need for Healthcare IT Consultants has increased 10-fold in the age of the COVID pandemic as more and more Healthcare Organizations are seeing the need to hire more skilled consultants to fill in the gap that is needed due to the need to complete the outstanding technology projects and to meet the new COVID requirements organizations are looking to bring to market. One key technology effort most Healthcare Organizations are trying to get completed is the new for data sharing (interoperability) between Healthcare Systems.

This need is where Healthcare IT Consultants can help, and the need is huge in the current market conditions. For Healthcare IT Consultants that are looking to assist clients with their interoperability needs clients are looking for resources with the skillset in project management, interface development, interface analysis and application software development.

As the need for more data sharing grows, consultants that can manage multiple different clients and projects will be a requirement as currently the industry has a resource and skill limitation in these areas. Healthcare IT Consultants should focus on the ever-changing technology needs in the industry and regulatory changes that drives these changes. Healthcare Organizations will only look at Healthcare Consultants and Healthcare Consulting Firms that are looking to innovate and have their pulse on evolving needs in the industry. Let DevScripts Solutions help with your Healthcare IT consulting needs with our focus on data sharing and interoperability.


DevScripts Solutions is an IT Consultant Firm Specializing in Interoperability within the Healthcare Arena.

We are a small team solving big interoperability challenges on a daily basis. With our vast knowledge of interoperability we can integrate ourselves as part of your organization just like we are part of your full-time team.

We develop a variety of custom interfaces for healthcare organizations such as Healthcare Vendors, HIEs, Health Systems, Hospitals, Medical Practices, Payors and ACOs using Mirth Connect.

We work with businesses in California, Georgia, New York, Florida, Texas and throughout the wider United States.

For more information on our services or to arrange a consultation call please contact us today.

T: 678-861-4682 E:



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Moving Healthcare Interoperability Forward

Our team is ready to help you with your integrations needs leveraging our expertise with Mirth Connect tool sets.

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