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Can HL7 v2 Stand The Test Of Time?

Updated: Jan 10

Can HL7 v2 Stand The Test Of Time?

Can HL7 v2 Stand The Test Of Time?

The long standing healthcare standard we know which is called HL7 v2 is still in the race to stand against the test of time. When we say the test of time, there is always a sunset date for old technology or old ways of doing things. Let's review if HL7 v2 can outlast the changes in healthcare technology.

What is HL7 v2?

In the healthcare interoperability arena all healthcare systems are built on exchanging data using a standard called HL7 v2. Yes I did not say HL7 v1 as that version was short lived and was never widely adopted as HL7 v2 is presently. Why is HL7 v2 so prominent amongst healthcare systems and organizations? HL7 v2 is considered the workhorse of electronic data exchange, the standard allows the exchange of clinical data between different healthcare systems in different healthcare style domains.

Target Audience

  • Healthcare IT Vendors

  • Healthcare Providers


  • Provides backward compatibility

  • Limits implementation cost

  • Provides loose standard flexibility

  • 95% of healthcare systems has HL7 v2 implemented in the US

  • More than 35 countries have HL7 v2 implementations

As you can see with the majority of healthcare organizations still using HL7 v2 today and with thousands of interfaces implemented with HL7 v2 the standard has a hold on lasting for many more years to come. So at this time HL7 v2 will continue to be the backbone of healthcare interoperability until the industry develops a better way to exchange data that will be widely adopted. There will be a time where HL7 v2 will be unusable but at this time it winning the race against time.

Our team can help you with your HL7 v2 integrations needs leveraging our expertise with mirth connect tool sets. We have a vast amount of experience with all HL7 v2 style interfaces with different Healthcare Systems.

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Our team is ready to help you with your integrations needs leveraging our expertise with Mirth Connect tool sets.

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