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Best In KLAS Integration Engines 2021 Year In Review

Best In KLAS Integration Engines 2021 Year In Review
Best In KLAS Integration Engines 2021 Year In Review

>> Best In KLAS Integration Engines 2021 Year In Review

One of the leading names in healthcare IT and interoperability is the company KLAS. KLAS has been providing access to data in the healthcare IT industry for over two decades to promote transparency in the healthcare sector. In 2021, it partnered with the company Censinet, known for its third-party risk assessment services, to create cyber security readiness assessments in the healthcare IT sector. They also feature integration engines from different vendors to act as interfaces between healthcare systems and vendors.

What Are Integration Engines in Healthcare IT?

Rather than just being an interface engine, integration engines are platforms for care delivery organization and integration in the Healthcare IT sector. They help modernize the healthcare system by impacting the management of interfaces, workflow, operational decisions, and transfer of medical data.

In most cases, integration engines help establish connections between different healthcare systems and help them employ web APIs on HL7 FHIR standards. It helps healthcare systems migrate EHRs faster and without any hurdles. Overall, integration engines in healthcare IT is essential for the fast and efficient running of healthcare businesses.

Characteristics of a Good Integration Engine

  • A good integration engine in healthcare IT has the following characteristics:

  • They must have good resource utilization capabilities

  • They need to have fast run cycles that provide quality integration and services.

  • They should facilitate workflow and the flow of information via alerts, reminders, etc.

  • They must be able to access, interpret, share and store critical data in well-maintained channels for better information processing and exchange.

Best KLAS Integration Engines 2021 - Review

LYNIATE Corepoint

The LYNIATE Corepoint has a 94.4 overall score, according to KLAS research. It is a modular integration engine that is easy to use and effectively provides fast data exchange between healthcare operators. It gives the options of message tracking, audit logging, a backup server, and extending all movement capabilities. It is excellent for translating HL7 messages between different servers without losing data or taking too much time.

HealthShare Health Connect

HealthShare Health Connect by Intersystems is a data sharing and healthcare informatics platform for many national and international healthcare providers. It is an easy-to-use integration engine for people who are unfamiliar with interoperability technology. It enables efficient engagement with payers, providers, and patients while boosting deployment. The engine can translate between HL7, FHIR, IHE, and other internationally accepted healthcare data sharing formats between different systems and service providers.

NextGen Connect

NextGen Connect offers healthcare vendor-agnostic interoperability for everyone, including labs, health systems, radiology, payers, and more. It connects, shares, and makes healthcare data compatible between XML, HL7 v 2.x and 3.X –CCD/CCDA FHIR, DICOM, NCPDP, X12 formats. It enables smooth and secure healthcare information exchange with the option of quality support at all times. The integration engine also comes with various extensions to ensure better features like advance alerts, email reader, and channel history.

Cloverleaf Integration Suite

Cloverleaf Integration Suite is the best integration engine for translating messages between older and newer versions of various formats. For example, the engine converts old HL7 messages to the new format much easier. It provides easy to use interface in even the most challenging integration scenarios. It has been deployed in 36 countries and work on cloud or no cloud premises.


The defining feature for the Iguana integration engine is that it does not require bulk installation but is web-based instead. It is easy to operate even for someone who is not tech-savvy. It has a quality support option and even provides real-time script editing. It has a reduced cost of ownership as it does not require excessive downloads or extensions. It includes quality access and exchange of data and is even scalable to support the growth of your business.


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