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Best In KLAS EMR Vendors 2021 Year In Review

Best In KLAS EMR Vendors 2021 Year In Review
Best In KLAS EMR Vendors 2021 Year In Review

>> Best In KLAS EMR Vendors 2021 Year In Review

KLAS has become one of the leading names in healthcare interoperability and information technology. For over two decades, KLAS has provided transparent and efficient access to healthcare data and has worked on providing risk assessments on different integration engines in healthcare. We review the best KLAS EMR vendors in 2021 and their contributions to the healthcare industry.

What Are Integration Engines in Healthcare?

Integration engines help make healthcare provision efficient, easy and transparent. It modernizes the healthcare sector to make it easy to manage workflow, data exchange, interfaces, and operational decisions.

They help healthcare systems stay updated on interoperability standards and continue complying with government directives. It also helps establish better communication between different healthcare providers and systems. Overall, it makes healthcare easier to administer, manage and provide.

These engines can be downloadable or web-based with various functions and procedures. Some are easier for beginners to understand, while others take tech-savvy individuals to operate. Customizability is an excellent feature in good healthcare integration engines.

Best KLAS EMR Vendors 2021

Some of the best KLAS EMR Vendors in 2021 are as follows:

According to KLAS research, LYNIATE Corepoint scored 94.4/100. It is an easy-to-use healthcare integration engine that lets you quickly exchange data and connect with other healthcare systems. It has features like tracking messages, backing up the server, and audit logging. Overall, it lets you translate HL7 messages without losing information or taking too long to communicate.

NextGen Connect is a great integration system that provides labs, health systems, payers, and other systems with healthcare vendor-agnostic interoperability. It helps establish connections between healthcare vendors and makes healthcare data compatible between different formats and standards. Quality support is offered all of the time, and you can efficiently conduct healthcare data exchange. You can install extensions for added features like advanced alerts.

If you need to translate and exchange messages between old and new formats or different standards, Cloverleaf Integration Suite is a good integration engine. It converts old HL7 messages into new formats, so they are easy to read and interpret. The interface is easy to use even in the most challenging of situations. More than 36 countries are using this engine, and it can be incorporated on cloud or no-cloud premises.

Intersystem’s HealthShare Health Connect is a data healthcare informatics platform used by domestic and foreign healthcare providers. The site is easy to use, especially for people who have no prior experience with interoperability technology. It makes it easier for healthcare systems to engage with providers, patients, and payers. It can also translate messages between different systems and formats for better medical communication and data exchange.

Iguana is a web-based integration that saves the user from complicated bulk installations. It is easy to update and install in many healthcare systems. Even people who are not tech-savvy can efficiently operate Iguana, and it gives you the option of real-time support. You can scale the features you wish to install, so they fit the growth of your business. It is a great integration engine for those who do not wish to be overwhelmed by the technical and legal aspects.

The Main Takeaway

Although each of these integration engines has its own merits, it is difficult to choose the best one since they suit the different needs of healthcare systems and providers. Depending on the growth of your business and the level of services provided, you can choose to what extent you wish to incorporate interoperability standards. Having additional features in the form of plug-ins and extensions helps make it easier for healthcare systems to customize the use of these engines based on their situations.


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